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I absolutely love providing information. Being able to explain coverage to clients so that they have a better understanding of not just what they’re getting, but why they’re getting it and how it works is one of the most important parts of my job as I see it, and I’ve been doing it that way since 2015. When I’m not helping people secure coverage they fully understand, I’m looking for new ways to immerse myself in the art world (love visiting galleries to be inspired!), spending time with my family, and spoiling Baker, my chiweenie.

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Phone Number: 816-384-1091
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What Mark's clients are saying...

"I appreciate working with Mark Boren to understand and select insurance. He lead me through the process and explained things in a way that made sense by giving me real life examples. I feel I made a good choice and feel confident I will have good support whenever I need it from Mark."
- Emily G.

"Mark was excellent and answered all my questions very well and very promptly! Made the whole experience much less overwhelming!"
-Ruairi S.